Edit: I'm not gonna edit this True I think I had just sat down thinking "I wanna have fun and play loud but still wanna use this "nothin on me" lyric because it is a funny line.

To set the record double straight: the oohs and ahhs were Brian's idea.

Look, you always collaborate in se form or another and we most certainly have in the past. It's all about how you are feeling and who you are with. Sure, Brian is a very well known producer and he has his ideas but he is by no means stubborn and by no means chasing a sound. Purely from the standpoint of a fan, friend and peer I feel like the record was very much the 6 of us but at the end of the day I don't think I ever noticed a dangermouse bag of tricks being pulled out. He goes with his gut and follows the artists lead who in turn listens to his critique and decides how much to take. Producers can only do so much, even the producers that are also artists. He helped us be a band and I am very appreciative of that. He is a true artist and someone you can all trust. I am happy to have worked with him and would definitely so it again.